The Freedom to Be

The Freedom to Be

The Freedom to Be Workshop

This is a 6-session workshop that strengthens self-confidence from different angles. The workshop will be held in Zoom.

What is this unique "Freedom to Be" workshop?

This is a 6-session workshop taught in an intimate group designed to allow each participant to delve deeper into the individual process and also to do it together in the group.

At the beginning of the workshop, each participant will choose a topic about which he/she wants to build security and freedom. The subject will be explored through different angles of observation. This observation will help the participant see the whole picture, be able to identify the blocking factor, and instead learn to create new anchors to enable new movement.

What makes this workshop special?

What sets this workshop apart is the fact that it teaches us to ask ourselves the right questions and brilliantly and simply exposes to us the mechanisms and automata through which we are used to operate. Instead, during this workshop, we will create new alternatives and ways of thinking.

Another unique factor of this workshop is that we deeply investigate our chosen topic for a full six weeks.

After the workshop, this process can be applied to any chosen topic. 

Each participant has close and supportive guidance from the facilitator throughout the workshop.

Experience proves that the participants in this workshop clearly became significantly stronger and more fulfilled.

The workshop syllabus:

1st Meeting: From external anchors to internal anchors

 2nd Meeting: Changing thought patterns as a tool that creates confidence and a sense of security

3rd Meeting: Establishing emotional confidence

 4rth Meeting: From vulnerability and survival mentality to existential confidence

 5th Meeting: Self-worth as an internal anchor that establishes self-confidence

 6th Meeting: Facing forward – nurturing inner accomplishment

What’s in the workshop?

🔅 In each meeting, we will approach the topic of confidence through different angles, and understand how it affects the different areas in our lives

🔅 We will understand what stands behind the lack of confidence and sense of security, and how we can change it, establish a stronger sense of confidence, and enhance our ability to fulfill our dreams

🔅 During the workshop, each participant will focus on a particular subject, in which he or she wishes to establish more confidence

🔅 During each session, we will receive tools and different perspectives that, step by step, will help us to transform the subject we have chosen

🔅 The learning process is supported by tools and methods that include self-work, discussions, and weekly practice

🔅 The workshop is accompanied by a digital workbook that includes knowledge, understandings, models & tools, which will help us establish the process we will go through together

My personal story

I myself attended the workshop as part of my training. About two months before the workshop, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The topic I chose to work on in the workshop was how to develop confidence in my health and my recovery when confronted with doctors who made various statements about my health and my situation. The workshop was very supportive and helped me develop mental resilience and understand that my health and recovery were in my hands and the actions I chose were my decisions. In the end, I chose to undergo surgery and it seemed like it was the right decision.

What happens to the people who complete the workshop?

The participants grow much more secure, gaining the ability to be confident in the face of their chosen topic, fortified in a new way.

The participants gain the ability to see and understand their inner selves to allow for a clear and constructive internal dialogue. 

Personal contact

Each participant will have a personal conversation with me (ZOOM) before the first meeting, and later in the period the 6 meetings we will continue the contact as needed.

Hebrew and English

I lead the workshop in two ways


Workshop in English, all presentations and study materials in English.

The workshop is held in Zoom

The workshop is intended for English speakers in Israel and around the world.

The English workshop is called: The Freedom to Be


The workshop and all the materials are in Hebrew

The workshop can be

1. Physically, at my home in Ramat Gan

2. Zoom

3. Integrated (some of the sessions in zoom and some in physical)

4. Physical elsewhere in Israel, including within an organization or community

The following workshops:

The "Freedom to Be" workshop in Hebrew, begins on Tuesday, 5/10/2021

The Freedom to Be workshop, in English, begins on Tuesday 23/11/2021


The course consists of 6 weekly three-hour sessions, via Zoom,

On Tuesdays

The cost is 300 Euro per participant.

Starting time

The workshop sessions are of –

The opening time is currently scheduled for

13:00 New York

18:00 Central European Time (Amsterdam)

19:00 Israel, Rumania

20:00 Moscow

The next step:

Anyone who is interested in the workshop, knows who wants it, or is wondering whether it is right for him,

Feel free to contact me,

The best way is to send me a WhatsApp message,

So, we can schedule a Zoom meeting or WhatsApp call,

Or leave your details here:

Ronen Hahn



About me

My name is Ronen Hahn.

I live in Israel.

I am married and have 3 children (25, 22, 15).

I accompany individuals and couples in ongoing conversation-based processes known as ‘Biographical Counselling’.

I am an Organizational consultant. I assist various organizations in change and development processes.

I am a member of a community called IMO, which is involved in the social and organizational field. It was established in the Netherlands in 2004 and operates in 10 countries. It helps organizations develop an approach called ‘Horizontal Leadership’.

I am a coordinator and teacher in management and development programs in various countries, such as Italy and Russia.

I am a member of the social organization "The Cosmic University" and a coordinator of the "Freedom to Be" workshops.