Name: Ronen Hahn

Date and Place of Birth: May 8, 1963, Hadera, Israel

Home address: 8a Nitzanim st. , Ramat-Gan, Israel , 52587.

Home: +972-3-7518433

Mobile: +972-52-3368280


Academic Degrees

M.Ed. , Organization Development and Education, Kibbutzim College of Education

, Tel-Aviv, 2013

B.Sc. , Electronic Engineering , Technion , Israel, 1989

Other Degrees

Biography consultant and Organization Development (Anthroposophy), Israel, 2001

Current Appointment

Waldorf teacher training program Zomer-Ramat-Gan, Israel,, Manager and teacher, 2004-present

Kibbutzim College of Education, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Waldorf program manager and teacher, 2011-present

Biography Counselor, 2000-present

Organization DevelopmentConsultant, 2000-present


Past Appointments

Hi-Tech Industry

Visionsense (previously Envision): A medical devices start-up, System engineer, 2001-2004

Radguard, A security start-up, Director of Business development, 1998-2001

Orbotech, An Optical inspection company, Algorithms team leader (1990-1998)


Member in anthroposophical branch in Tel-Aviv (Yitzchak branch, named after Yitschak Rabin).


ASD (The Association for Social Development) – member since 2012

Articles (All in Hebrew)


Involvement of parents in schools according to the three fold structure


Military Service:

Israel Army (IDF) parachutist, NAHAL

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