Short Bio

Ronen Hahn

I was born in 1963 in an Israeli youth- village, Aloney-Yitschak, as my parents worked there for many years. I have an older brother, six years older than me. My parents were born in Hungary and arrived to Israel after surviving the Holocaust as teenagers.

I have studied Electrical Engineering (BSc) in the Technion, Haifa, graduated in 1989. I worked in the High-Technology industry for 14 years, in the fields of Mathematical algorithms and Electro-optics in the Medical devices area.  I worked as a developer, a manager and in the field of business development. In 2004, at the age of 41 I left the High-Technology field.

I met my wife Rachel, during my studies in the Thechnion.  She also worked in the High-Technology industry for few years and then left after she started studying Waldorf education. She established a Waldorf school in Ramat-Gan . Today she is a waldorf teacher, a member of the carrying team of the school.  We have three children ages 18, 16 & 8.

My first acquaintance with Anthroposophy was at the age of 19, during my military service. With my curiosity and interest I started visiting Harduf, a kibbutz inspired by anthroposophical philosophy.

My first window to Anthroposophy was Goethean science, Goethe’s theory of colors and Projective Geometry.  I have studied it and later also taught it in workshops and courses.

In 1998 I was part of a group that established an anthroposophical branch in Tel-Aviv (Yitzchak branch, named after Yitschak Rabin).

In 2001 I graduated from the first Biography consultant training program in Israel. My teachers were Danny Aman and Michal Zur. Since then, I am working as a Biography counselor. Danny Aman also created a special course for me as I became engrossed in organizational consulting.

In the last 12 years I am working in the OD (Organization Development) field. About half of my clients are Waldorf Schools and Waldorf communities.  I am concentrating in working with non hierarchical management, mandates, development of organizations through phases.

In 2003 I have established a Waldorf teacher training program. Today there are 90 students and 10 teachers. I am the leader of the program and also teaching few courses: Biography, team work and organization development, Inner path (meditation) and Goethean science.

I have published a few articles about mandates and involvement of parents in schools according to the three fold structure and organization shapes inspired by the third fold of the structure.

In the last year I have started a new Waldorf training program in a University in Tel Aviv.  I have also started studying in a M.Ed. program in organization development and education. This might be a start for a long connection with the academy.

Since 2012 I am a member in the ASD (The Association for Social Development).

I teach the following courses (30 meetings each ):

  • Introduction to biography.
  • Team work – Anthroposophic philosophy of meeting the other, team work, mandates, group decision making.
  • Goethenian science
  • Inner development (Meditation)

In 2013 I have finished the M.Ed. program in organization development and education. My final project was about team work in Waldorf schools.

In 2014 I have joined IMO, Institute for man and organization development. I am working now on building a center for horizontal leadership (IMO-center) in Israel.

Ronen Hahn

8a Nitzanim st.

Ramat-Gan, Israel , 52587.

Home: +972-3-7518433

Mobile: +972-52-3368280


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